Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Letter from Joanna Kurowska

Dear Friends and Readers:

The spring is a fact! The weather treats us mild. I hope you have lots of energy for
outdoor activities. Metaphorically, “outdoors” is not just the woods or lakeshore but also
some much-needed FRESH AIR IN LANGUAGE! If you need a break from forms,
commercials and the (typically bad) TV news, come to poetry! It’s a different world, for


An event to recommend is THE POETRY PENTATHLON: NORTH SHORE EDITION at Highland
Park Poetry. Please come and support the contestants, and meet the fellow poetry lovers! The 2014 Pentathlon will take place at Art Center of Highland Park, 1957, Sheridan Road Friday, June 13, 8:00–10:00 PM. (I will be one of the judges).

And a few reminders…

 Inclusions is out, now available both at Cervena Barva Press and Amazon.  If you would like to receive a signed copy, please contact me directly via e-mail or my website.

The Wall & Beyond has earned fourteen 5-star only reviews on Amazon  (twelve on Amazon US and two on Amazon UK). The book has been  earning outstanding reviews also in journals, both scholarly and literary;  most recently Debbie Young’s review in Vine Leaves. More reviews are  coming! I’ll keep you posted.

 My In-Print radio interview will be broadcast again this Saturday at  11:00. To listen, go to www.rockfordcollegeradio.com; or listen to the  podcast (available on my website, in the ABOUT section).

How did I become a poet writing in my second language?  I talk about it in my recent interview at Cervena Barva Press

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