Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polish Social: New Polish Webzine

I received the following today regarding a new Polish webzine:

A new Polish Webzine/Weekly Newsletter has launched in Chicago

 Here is a little about Polish Social:
 Polish Social is the brainchild of two Chicago women with a commitment
 to community, a pulse on Chicago ’s art & culture scenes, and a belief
 in the power of networking and organizing. We will link you to events,
 job opportunities, innovators in disparate fields; we will provide you
 with news of interest to a new generation of Polish Chicagoans.
 Professional and integrated into the larger Chicago community, our
 readers are shaping a new network of leaders.

 Being Polish in Chicago is sort of a tale of two cities – in one (the
collection of Polish communities that dot this city), there is a
 strong culturally Polish identity, in the other (the city of Chicago
 as a whole), there is an opportunity for Poles from all fields to step
 into leadership positions and showcase the Polish community as a
 vibrant and essential part of this city’s fabric.

 We hope you can subscribe to the site via the home page subscription
 icon on the left or you can send an email to

 If you have events or items for the editorial team to cover please
 send that information to

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