Sunday, January 10, 2010

Call for Creative Prose about Immigration

Editions Bibliotekos Inc has announced that its next volume, entitled COMMON BOUNDARY, will be devoted to creative prose dealing with immigration.

Here's their description of the kinds of themes and issues they are interested in for this project:

Immigration and International Adoption (coming to America [as we are an American publisher] - or coming to, e.g., Australia from Lithuania): Crossing over; Establishing common boundaries; Muslim/Arab; Middle East; Latino/Latina; European (West – East); Asian; African; Culture and history; Self and identity; Place, displacement; Home, homeland; Race and ethnicity in America – from an immigrant’s perspective; Nations and nationality; Language and culture; Acceptance and rejection; Where do I belong, how do I fit in? Who am I, were did I come from? Note: there is a separate Call for 9/11 and War.

The Deadline is 30 March 2010.

More information is available on COMMON BOUNDARY's website.


The photo above is from an online article entitled "Three Waves of Massive Polish Immigration." You can read the article by clicking HERE.