Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ten Essential Polish American Literary Works

Awhile ago, I posted a list of ten books that I think are essential literary works about the lives of Polish Americans. The list includes fiction and poetry and memoir, and like all such lists, it's highly subjective. It simply includes a list of books that have touched me, spoken to me about my life as a Polish-American.

The complete list with my comments is available at Amazon by clicking here, but I thought I would post an abbreviated version of the list here:

1. Concert at Chopin's House: A Collection of Polish-American Writing, ed.John Minczeski

2. Twelve Below Zero: New and Expanded Edition -- by Anthony Bukoski

3. Zorba's Daughter by Elisabeth Murawski

4. A Letter to Serafin by John Minczeski

5. A Polish Son in the Motherland: An American's Journey Home by Leonard Kniffel

6. Amber Necklace from Gdansk: Poems by Linda Nemec Foster

7. The Orpheus Complex by Leonard Kress

8. Habry by Helen Degen Cohen

9. The Buffalo Sequence. Introduction by Denise Levertov. by Mark Pawlak

10.Lightning and Ashes by John Guzlowski



Wanda Urbanska said...

Thank you for the work that you do, John. This is an important field, and you've cited many significant books. Like you, I'm a huge fan of Leonard Kniffel's "A Polish Son in the Motherland," which inspired me to take my own sabbatical to the "fatherland" (in my case) in 2009-10. Poland is on an upward spiral these days; it should make all Polish-Americans and all lovers of freedom and courage proud.

John Guzlowski said...

Wanda, did you write about your experiences? I would love to read about your trip.

Daniel Weaver said...

Just found your blog in a search for Polish-American Writers. While he has been dead a while, I would add Joseph Vogel's Man's Courage to your list. It came out to great reviews in the 1930s.

I have founded a cultural and counter-cultural review here in the Mohawk Valley. Our second issue is going to focus on Polish-Americans in the Mohawk Valley. I have already received a great essay on Joseph Vogel and a current Polish-American memoirist is interviewing former Lt. Governor Marianne Krupsak for the second issue.

I would love to receive some more essays and articles about Joseph Vogel plus almost anything relating to Polish-Americans in this part of New York State.

I only can pay $25-$50 per article. For more information about the journal check out To read more about what I am looking for in the second issue, check out this post

I do pubish a certain amount of material not related to the Mohawk Valley and/or by non-residents of the Mohawk Valley. Please query if you have an idea that you might think I am interested in.

Thank you for posting this.