Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cosmopolitan Review--Summer Issue

The summer issue of Cosmopolitan Review, the transatlantic online journal of Polish culture, history and art is now available.

Here's a note from Irene Tomaszewski, the editor, describing the contents:

We bring you a review of a beautiful new book about Sklodowska-Curie, "Radioactive," and, like radium, it glows in the dark.

Joanna Szupinska reviews the latest book about Miłosz, "An Invisible Rope," while Isabelle Sokolnicka’s exuberant expression of love for the Polish language will no doubt make the great poet nod his head in agreement.

We bring news of three extraordinary books, published in Edinburgh: "Scotland and Poland," "Polish Invasion," and "Wojtek the Bear: Polish War Hero." If you didn’t know about this Polish-Scottish relationship – and few people do – these books are at once a surprise and a pleasure.

Also reviewed: "A Polish Book of Monsters," eerie tales from Poland, Doug Jacobson’s new novel, "The Katyń Order," and "This Way," a thoughtful and beautifully printed study of art representing Tadeusz Borowski’s powerful book about Auschwitz.

Books need libraries and there is none more beautiful than the library at the University of Warsaw. Justine Jablonska visited it and she brings us a photo essay of this stunning building and its rooftop garden, a collaboration of both architects and landscape designers.

Then, the first two of a series of six discussions about Polish films by art historians, curators and academics from the San Francisco, introduced to Polish cinema by Joanna Szupinska. As one of them put it: “We’ve [ ] been given an opportunity to think about a rich culture outside the usual stops of London or Paris, Rome, or New York.” They share their views, and it’s a wonderful way to look at familiar films through new eyes.

A theatre event in Shamokin, Pennsylvania and poet Kath Abela Wilson on a lesson from Paderewski.

And there you have it. Happy reading!

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