Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ginsberg vs. Bukowski: The Main Event

Janusz Zalewski (translator, computer scientist, literary historian, lover of the Beats) was invited by Polish actor Andrzej Seweryn to write a script for a poetry reading called "Ginsberg contra Bukowski."

The show will be produced by the Poetry Salon on the main stage of Teatr Polski in Warsaw on November 25.


The reading is configured as an 8-10 round boxing match,where each round consists of a reading of a poem by each poet on a specific subject.  The topics include:

- Germany
- Humankind
- Dostoevsky
- Classical Poets
- Men
- Women
- Technology
- Isolation
- Other poets on Ginsberg and Bukowski.

Poems will be read by two popular Polish singers:  KORA and Marek Dyjak.

The referees for the boxing match are Prof. Jerzy Bralczyk, a famous Polish linguist, and poet Bohdan Zadura, (Editor-in-Chief of "Tworczosc," the premier Polish literary magazine since 1946).

The master of ceremonies is Kamil Sipowicz, poet, painter, and philosopher (PhD on Heidegger):  

For more information please consult the Teatr Polski website:


The poster for the event was designed by Marek Zalewski.

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oriana said...

Isn't it something that this event -- 2 important 20th century American poets in creative "combat" -- will take place in Poland and not in the US . . .

My congratulations to Janusz Zalewski.

I heard Ginsberg not long before he died, in his 3-piece business suit phase (what he read was of course nothing that would go with that suit. But I guess the only way he could shock the audience at that point is appearing in a business suit). Alas, I blew my chance to hear Bukowski in person. I heard about audiences baiting Bukowski and hoping he'd throw up; this seemed very distasteful to me. Still, I am a closet admirer of many of Bukowski's poems.