Thursday, September 20, 2012

Polish Book Autumnfest

Dear friends, the following is reposted from Michael Stein's LiteraLab: a website devoted to Central European Literary Life.

Polish Book Autumnfest: Pole Position

9781844678587 Kapuscinski
Pole Position is a series of Polish book events kicking off this week in the UK and running through November. It’s a great lineup, opening onSeptember 19 in London with author of Ryszard Kapuściński: A Life, Artur Domosławski speaking with Neal Ascherson about the legendary Polish journalist.
In early October Paweł Huelle will present his latest short story collectionCold Sea Stories as well as a “a musical tour of his work.” This doesn’t mean he will be singing through his writing but discussing the range of music – from “Ukrainian folk songs, via the Magnificat, 18th century Irish composer John Field, and Schubert’s Liede, all the way to the Soviet National Anthem” – that appears in his work.

Then there will be a number of Stork Press authors such as crime writer Grażyna Plebanek, Noémi Szécsi (don’t worry, I won’t mention that she’s not Polish, but Hungarian) and author of Madame Mephisto A.M. Bakalar, who will be appearing at the Folkestone Book Festival in November together with Zygmunt Miłoszewski. Miłoszewski’s A Grain of Truth is out in the UK this month and in the US in January 2013. The season closes out with appearances by Jacek Dehnel and Magdalena Tulli.
It is worth pointing out that the excellent promotion involved in these events cannot be found in every country. The series is also indicative of another sharp divide in Central Europe – that between countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary that can make puns in English from their names and those that can’t. Czech Mate, Pole Dancing, Hungary for Culture – these are all possible festival names. But what do you do if you’re Croatia or Slovakia? It’s unfair.

For more information on the authors, books and specific events and dates click here.


J C Martin said...

Very interesting, John!

Maybe I can make it there another year.

J C Martin said...

Very interesting, John! Would like to make it there some time in the future.