Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cosmopolitan Review--Spring Issue

The latest issue of Cosmopolitan Review, an online transatlantic journal devoted to Polish culture and history, poetry and art, is now available.

Just click here.

Here's a sample of what you'll find. I especially recommend the section on Chopin.


-Same Neighborhood. New Friends?
-Reconciling the Past and Present in the Shadow of the Palace of Culture
-Poland's Best Winter Olympics, but...
-Reflections: Canadian Minister visits Poland
-Shmoozing in Warsaw: of friendship and politics

World, culture, analysis

-Istanbul: Lust, Attraction and Attachment
-When an American Dream Turns into an American Tragedy: Jan Lewan strives for redemption...
-Peter Raina: Love, Politics, Betrayal
-A Polyaczka in Saint Petersburg
-A Step Closer to a World without Nukes

CR recommends

-Cool Tools: Rejoyce
-Four stories: The nurse, the child, the Resistance fighter & the Home Army soldier
-Artist Ian Wojtowicz to exhibit in Montreal
-A Poet on the Front Line: the reportage of Ryszard Kapuscinski
-Quo Vadis essay competition
-Poland in the Rockies 2010 symposium (application deadline March 10)
-The Polish Cultural Institute in New York

Chopin 2010

-Chopin with Cherries: a tribute in verse [selected poems]
-Reviewed by John Guzlowski
-Disonnance: Exiles in Paris by Eva Stachniak
-Jazzing up Chopin's Classics by Bożena U. Zaremba
-Chopin around the World - 200th birth anniversary celebrations


-Catching up with ... Jan Lisiecki, pianist extraordinaire by Kinia Adamczyk >
-Recovering a Stolen Childhood: Wesley Adamczyk Tells All


-Rome's Most Faithful Daughter by Neal Pease
-Stadium: the Devil's Playground by Ify Nwamana
-The Ice Road: An epic journey from the Stalinist labor camps to freedom
-The Heart of Simple Living


CR as always is looking for submissions from both professional writers and emerging writers.

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