Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Call for Submissions about Poland

Thad Rutkowski forwarded to me a call he recently received for poems and short pieces about Poland for a special issue of Private Photo Review, a photographic journal.

Here's the note Thad sent me:

Dear Friend,

I have just agreed to be the poetry editor of the forthcoming issue of Private Photo Review, a distinguished international magazine of b/w photography, based in Italy and publishing the works of professional photographers from around the world.

The magazine can have either a general or a geographical theme, and also uses some texts (mostly poems) along with the pictures, although most of the space is devoted to images.

Please take a look at the magazine's website:

The forthcoming issue will be about Poland, featuring portfolios of world-famous Polish photographers. Therefore, I kindly ask you to spread this call for poetry submissions:

I need poems by Polish authors, or poems and other short texts by international writers as long as they're concerned with Poland and the Polish. The poems can be either in Polish or in English; in any case, an English translation must be provided. The poems can be sent in a single doc attachment to alex.zan@alice.it
The poems and a 40-50-word bio in English is required.

Accepted authors will receive a complimentary copy of the relevant issue.

Thank you for your co-operation!


Alessio Zanelli
Cremona, Italy
e-mail alex.zan@alice.it

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