Friday, February 26, 2010

Something About by Andrena Zawinski

Poet Andrena Zawinski sent me a note. She would like to sell the remainder of her copies of her recent book Something About. She's offering a special friend's discount rate reducing the price of the book from $15.95 to $10 (postage is $2.38 for one or two books, no tax).

If interested please contact her at

andrena.zawinski (at) -- substituting @ for (at)


Andrena Zawinski
470-B Cola Ballena
Alameda, CA 94501

Here's the title poem from her book:

Something About--A Winged Sonnet

Something about these little song sparrows,
their avian tongues and throaty chortles,
the buzzy twittering floundering air
just outside the steamy bedroom window.

Something about the rain, the way it clucks
its testy tongue against the glass a blur
with the setting sun’s seductive passion.
Something about these sprightly singers.

Something about the way they tuck themselves
inside their wing bars devoted to feathers.
Something about the heart here pinned inside,
the tick of it, sky so blue, nimbus moon.

Something about this perch beside the pane
to watch day nestle in a moody moonlight.

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